PM’s remark on polls to deepen crisis: BNP


Opposition BNP on Sunday voiced disappointment over the Prime Minister’s announcement that the next parliamentary elections will be held as per the current constitution, saying it will only deepen the ongoing political crisis.


People had expected the premier would show the right path and proper direction to overcome the political crisis, but the nation got frustrated over her remark about the election, which will only deepen the crisis further, said BNP acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.


The BNP spokesman made the observation while giving his party’s instant reaction to the Prime Minister’s remark made at a press conference at his official residence Ganobhaban earlier in the day.


Fakhrul hoped that the government will take all necessary initiatives to resolve the political crisis through holding the election under a non-party government. “Or else, no election will be allowed to be held under any partisan government, and if any the opposition won’t take part in it,” he warned.


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said her government would not budge an inch from the constitutional provision in holding the next general election. “Everything will be done as per the constitution, and there’ll be no budge even an inch from the constitutional provision,” the premier said.


In the reaction at a press briefing at BNP Chairperson’s Gulshan office, Fakhrul said, “Still, there’s time. We hope good sense will prevail upon the government and it’ll find out an acceptable solution to the ongoing crisis in consultation with all political parties.”


He alleged that the government was trying to create a volatile situation in the country sensing their massive debacle in the next election if it is held under a non-party government.


“We’re observing with grave concern that the government is pushing the country towards violence, uncertainty and confrontation in a planned way,” he added.


Referring to the victories of BNP-backed candidates in the recently held elections to five city corporations, Fakhrul said through the city corporation elections, people have given their mandate in favour of a non-party government to oversee the parliamentary elections.


The BNP leader said if the government unilaterally tries to arrange the next general election under its own administration, people will not accept it.


He said the ruling Awami league would not be able to win the people hearts only drumming up its development activities instead of making a solution to the current political crisis. “People haven’t got the benefits of the development activities of the government.”


“In the 1960s, former military dictator Ayub Khan had observed the ‘decade of development’ during the Pakistan period but was compelled to step down the following year in the face of a mass upsurge,” he recalled.


Fakhrul alleged that the law and order situation has deteriorated sharply in the country as political leaders have fallen victims to forced disappearances. “As per the UN charter, forced disappearance is tantamount to war crimes.”


About the Prime Minister’s statement that Bangladeshi scientists have sequenced the genome of local variety of jute having already unrevealed, former state minister for agriculture Fakhrul Islam welcomed the scientists and said, “The government wants to take the credits of all good things making people fool.”

Source: UNBConnect

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